A Few Projects

GSG Pulheim App

I have developed an android App for my school. It helps the students to manouver the latest information about ill teachers not comming in, provides further information, not yet easily accessible for students and keeps them informed with the newest general Information. It could further collect homework for each class, so that everyone in the course knew what to do and by when. I have started this project in the Summer of 2018.

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Rapid Traffic Doggo

I have spent one week of my summer vacation of 2020 at a Danish Game Development Camp from UNF. There I have learned how to build and program 3D Games in Unity with C#. Together with one other Person (mostly 2D) we have built an entire 3D Game in under 5 days, even though I have never used C# ever in my life before. You can check it out at: game.unf.dk

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This Website

I have built this very website myself, including making the Adobe XD mockup. I have also uploaded and maintained it myself. HTML, CSS and JavaScript have I taught myself with an online video course. It is a little side hustle, but I enjoy it thoroughly.

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